Download Mods

All mods go to maintt or mainta or main or demott or demota or demo folder in that preference order.

Custom Maps

Our custom map server full rotation, keep a close eye on constant updates!

Client Side

Full MOH:AA/SH/BT game
SP Maps Sound Fix
Weapon Skins
Hud mod
Health meter...

Player skins

Skin files must be installed on both clients and server for full fonctionality.

Official Patches

Please send a link to your locale official EA patches to complete the list ;)

Server Side Mods

Single Player Converted to Multiplayer Maps E1L1-Tank Battle In Kasserin Path and E1L4-Sunk Ship In Bizerte Arbor ,
Tank for Palermo,
Mustard Gas,
Freeze Tag,
Silenced Pistol,
Kill the Prisoners,
High Jumps,
.... And other Mods For Hosters To Install on Server Only , plus misc fixes...

Server Admin Tools

Daven's Patch, LeBan V2.0.0, DMFlags Calculator

Stand Alone Total Conversions

These legendary mods were originaly released as Breakthrough total conversion but are now available as standalone games thanks to Creaper:
Hell In The Pacific
1 9 3 6 Standalone

Tools Cracks Fixes and Misc

NO CD's,
Modding tools...