MoH Server Admin Tools and Mods

Daven's Spearhead Server patch repack


- leave_team - Useless, replaced with "adddeaths"
- callvote - Default votation options removed, only options in callvote.cfg allowed
- cheats - Turns client cheats on/off (can be bypassed)
- Sys_SendPacket: bad address type - Doesn't crash the server anymore
- Com_sprintf - callvote text overflow
- Fixes made by Luigi Auriemma
- buffer-overflow
- directory traversal
- q3rconz
- Some fixes from BT v2.40
- q3infoboom
- reloadmap
- "CGM buffer for client % is full"
- Rcon commands with spaces - clients need run moh_breakthrough.exe (v2.40)
- cl_playintro no longer causes problems with sv_pure - not confirmed
- q3cbufexec
- New commands
- Cvar "sv_cheats 0/1": Turns server cheats off/on (dog, wuss...)
- Scripting command "adddeaths": Give or take deaths from the player
- Server command "dumpclient [client number]": Shows info from clients
- Server command "sv [command]"
- Some new commands from BT v2.40 - g_playerdmhealth
- netname
- nationalityprefix
- modheightfloat
- Other
- "sv_allowdownload 0" and "g_dropclips -1" by default
- "g_shownpc" doesn't turn to 1 when developer is 1
- BT server exe patched to work with SH
- RunningBon's dll patched to work with BT server
- High/Low ping kick screen
- Commands "dumpuser" and "reloadmap" revised
- In-game chat prefix "(all)" to prevent fake admins (Console)
- BT gamex86.dll patched to work with SH
- In-game chat text length limit changed to two lines per player
- German panzer skins gets different weapons, this can be disabled (see Source/mainta/gamex86(mod).txt)
- Instructions on how to change max ammo values (see Source/mainta/gamex86(mod).txt)
- Instructions on how players can pick up more than a primary weapon (see Source/mainta/gamex86(mod).txt)
- Some graphic changes in moh_spearhead_server.exe
- Removed extra new line on low/high ping kick screen messages
- Players can get more than a primary weapon like in Allied Assault (through the 'give' command)
- Fixed spearhead servers not showing up in the local server list of breakthrough clients (only for SH)
- Fixed time/numSnapshotEntities wrapping bug, now the server restarts correctly
- Fixed an exploit detection issue in BTPatch.dll (also known as ''/'' bug)
- Fixed game version string that caused problems to identify properly the server through game server browsers (only for BT)
- Added readme and changelog files
- gamex86.dll renamed to dgamex86.dll (only readable by the dedicated server executable)
- PK3 Fixes file format changed to ".dpk3" (only readable by the dedicated server executable)
- Included PK3 Fixes in the patch
- Added skin prefix "axis" missing in breakthrough (for now only for SH)
- Fixed listip.cfg not being loaded correctly; autoexec2.cfg now executes listip.cfg everytime that a map is loaded
- Fixed IP ban system


Download Daven's SH server fixes repack

Download Daven's BT 2.40 server fixes repack

=:LeBan:=      by LeBabouin

=:LeBan:= v2.0.0 Easy kicking and banning for Medal of Honor Spearhead server admins


LeBan is composed of two parts:

_ the admin ingame menu in which you can select the player to ban or kick while playing
_ the java tool that sends the ban/kick commands for this player to the MoH server


The server you want to ban players from must be patched with Daven's patch to be able to use the banning system
The computer you run the .jar file on must have Java runtime installed:
If you rent a dedicated box, installing the .jar on the server will improve performance


Paste the .pk3 menu file into your own game mainta or maintt Paste the .jar file anywhere you want, preferably in a dedicated folder


Server has to run on Windows so you can benefit from Daven's patch fixes including his ban system fix For now, LeBan is able to connect to only one MoH server. So, if you intend to survey several MoH servers at a time, you'll have to run several instances of LeBan. The ingame admin menu uses the configstringitem command to display the server player list. As you may not know, team 0 means the player is gone, team 1 is for spectators, team 3 and 4 are for Allies and Axis. Only 32 players can be listed in the menu. The unban fonctionnality is not implemented yet but can still be used manually through the client console using the rcon commands:
_ sv removeip
_ sv writeip
If you run the MoH server on your computer and you want to reserve port 12203 for the MoH server, launch the MoH server first before launching LeBan, otherwise LeBan will use port 12203 (default value) and your MoH server will launch on port 12204. Several instances of LeBan can point on the same server, but only one player can be banned at a time. Tested under XP, 7 and 8.1


The java tool periodically checks if there is a player to ban by reading a dedicated CVAR ("ban") on the MoH server. The admin menu provides the current players name list. A double click on a player name will automatically pop up a submenu where you will have to double click again on your wanted action line. This will fill the ban/kick CVAR on the MoH server with player number. If the ban/kick CVAR contains a player number, LeBan java tool launches a "status" request to the MoH server and parses the response to get the player's IP and then sends the ban commands to the MoH server:
_ clientkick #
_ sv addip
_ sv writeip
A game message will display "$playername was banned" or "$playername was kicked" Secondarily, for further versions use, a MoH server CVAR ("banned") is filled with the IP and name of the banned player. Usefull to unban in case you banned a wrong player


Launch LeBan java tool by double clicking LeBan.jar or its shortcut if you have set one. This will pop LeBan's UI up
Fill in the text zones with the desired parameters. Check delay shouldn't be set to less than five seconds, as the ban commands need about 2 seconds to execute. You can always try setting less delay as eveything goes well Start the check loop by clicking the "Start" button. From this moment, the ban fonctionality is operational. If everything is OK you will see "No ban request" in the LeBan console. Launch your own MOH:SH or BT game. First you'll maybe want to bind the menu to one of your keyboard key. I use the F10 key :
_ open your game console and type "unbind f10" and press enter key
_ type "bind f10 pushmenu LeBan" (beware to the caps) and press enter key. Close your console
_ press F10 and the menu will show up


Enter your rconpassword in your game console. Press your F10 key. Double click on the undesirable player's name, then bouble click either BAN or KICK, you can hear the rolling drum sound that will confirm your request has been sent to the MoH server. Return to the main list menu by clicking the BACK button and wait untill the player's team turns to 0 or disappears from the list and the "...was banned" white game message raises. Depending on the scan frequency you set in the UI, the "...was banned" message can take up to 15 seconds to raise. If the player to ban leaves before the ban commands are issued, he won't get banned and the "ban" CVAR will be cleared off. You have no right to error, so I suggest to first doing one click on the undesired playername to ensure you have selected the correct line and then calmly doing the fatal double click.


You can always check the tool console to ensure everything's in order, but I set a detailed log system for help and support. You'll find the log files in the folder you pasted LeBanX2.0.0.jar in. This is a rolling file of 1 MB size with 5 backup files. When you need support, please PM me the file where the bug began.
You must click the stop button and then type the new entries in order to point to another server or change the scan delay.
I can include your own clan logo, icon, background or font if you send them
LeBan V2.0.0 menu and java application are imcompatible with any previous version as new structuring variables have been implemented and mixing menu and app from different versions will produce unexpected effects.


Daven for the Daven's patch ban fix
Luckyboy for the connect protocol and command engine i stole from XSI
DopeDog for intensive testing


Pleae PM me or post @ =:AnUbIs:= forum


Unzip and find LeBan_V2.0.0.jar and zzzzz_menu_LeBan.pk3 inside

Download LeBan V2.0.0

Crow King's Autokick

This tool is used to kick, ban, limit ping rate, announcements. plus more.

Click here
To download Autokick Now!

LeBabouin's DMFLAGS Adding Machine

no healthbox drop no powerups weapons stay
no damage falling instant items same level
no armor infinite ammo no footsteps
allow lean old sniper german shotgun
allow oldmap mines
no rifles(BT) no snipers(BT) no sub machineguns(BT)
no machineguns(BT) no rockets(BT) no shotguns(BT)
no landmines(BT)